Monday, 19 August 2013

The Price of Shiddhi:- Ramkrishna Pramhansa

Ramkrishna Pramhansa
Once a great Yogi come to see Ramkrishna Pramhansa. After a strenuous effort and practice of sixteen years, this yogi had attained the prowess of walking on the water. To impress Paramhansa, he came walking on the river Ganges on whose banks, Ramakrishna lived in Dakhineshwar. He asked Ramakrishna about his prowess and told him that it took him sixteen years to attain this "Siddhi". "It is worth only two paise" replied the Savant. "You have wasted sixteen years of your life for nothing. Any boatman could have brought you here for two paise" Pamahansa added and was lost in reverie.

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