Monday, 19 August 2013

Guatam Buddha's last message : The Light is within!

You must have read about Prince Siddartha, who later come to be known as Buddha,' the Enlightened one'. Born into a princely family, Siddhartha was deeply affected when he saw a sick man, an old person and a dead body. He left his palace, his young wife and one year old son, to live the life of mendicant and find out the way to  Nirvana. After undergoing many fasts and penance he realized that the only way to alleviate one's misery is to follow the eight fold path of righteousness. From the day of this realization, he come to be know as Gautam Buddha. He laid great stress on truth and no violence.

The enlightened one lay on his death bed. He was being looked after by his ardent discipline, Anand, Bhadrak, another devotee came to see the master. He could not help weeping loudly at the thought that Gautam would be passing into eternity soon. Buddha heard his sobs and enquired from Anand, "who is weeping?"
 "Tathagat, Bhadrak is here to see you," said Anand.
"Then, call him," replied the compassionate Buddha.

Bhadrak fell at his feet and brust into loud sobs. Buddha asked him the reason for his sorrow. "O Master, who shall now show us the light when you are gone. That is why I weep, " Bhadrak replied in a voice choked with emotion.

Buddha lovingly placed his hand on Bhadrak's head and said "Bhadrak, the light that you seek is within you. Do not search for it anywhere. Only the ignorant seek it in the temples, holy places, caves and forest and thus wander aimlessly. In the end, they get only disappointment. On the contrary, those whose thoughts speech and  deeds are pure and in harmony with each other, find the light within their own self.
"Be your own light" should be the guiding motto.
This is the last message of Gautam Buddha and he had devoted hs entire life to its preaching

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