Monday, 26 August 2013

Render Unto Others, what is theirs: Swami Vivekanand

This story relates to the time when Swami Vivekanand was travelling in America. He was walking in a garden. An English woman approach him and said " If you do not take it otherwise, can I ask you a question"

" Please do ask without any hesitation" replied swamiji. The woman said " Swamiji, you are wearing India clothes but your shoes are not Indian. Why are you wearing them?"

Swamiji replied with a disarming smile, " These shoes have been given by local people and hence I wear them. I shall leave them here when I go."

The woman was crestfallen. She thought she would be able to denigrate the Swami by teching him a lesson in Indianess. His reply completely flummoxed her and she could know the smallness of her own mind in trying to run down a great Savant on such petty matters.

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